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akas, berguna, cekatan ringkas, membantu,

Other Mathes:
a great use, a very resourceful, are handy, are quite handy, are really useful
are gonna come in handy, be entirely clear, come in handy, gonna really need it here, good is it going to, it will come in handy, wiii work, will be useful, will come in handy, will work, would be handy, would be useful, would come in handy
is that for useful, is useful, it handy, it is rewarding, it is useful
a handy one, a useful, a worthwhile, an important one, any worthwhile, are handy, being constructive, good stuffs, good use, had that useless, most out, that came in handy, that is handy, that is useful, that might actually help, the most useful, useful that, useful, which was useful, who are of use
be handy you, handy you are, handy you, useful do you, useless you
handy with, in common with, in handy in, is useful in, it works quite, pretty handy with, useful in, useful with
are useful in, as useful in, be of use in, be useful in, can be usefull, come in handy in, handy down, handy in, to be useful in, used to the, useful in
a means of, actually do some, be useful to, come in handy for, entirely clear to, handy for, handy to
become handy, came in handy, can actually do, can be a valuable, can be useful, could be helpful, could be of some use, could be useful, could become something more, getting use out of, will come in handy
can be of use, can be real handy, can be useful
came in handy, come in handy, come in useful, coming in handy
them handy, them useful, they are handy, they come in handy
be handy can you, be handy you gonna, will be handy can you
extremely impractical, that is so handy, they come in handy
come in handy, thing really is handy, will be very useful, will get used to it, will have an opportunity, would be incredibly useful

English to English

('h/&/nd/i/ )
adjective (a)

Performed by the hand.
source: webster1913

noun (n)

United States blues musician who transcribed and published traditional blues music (1873-1958)
amerika syarikat dan transcribed pemuzik blues yang diterbitkan tradisional musik blues (1873-1958)
source: wordnet30

adjective satellite (s)

easy to reach
mudah untuk mencapai
Found a handy spot for the can opener.
ready to hand
source: wordnet30
easy to use
mudah digunakan
A handy gadget.
source: wordnet30
skillful with the hands
dengan tangan terampil
Handy with an axe.
source: wordnet30

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