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buku tulis, dalam tulisan tangan, kenapa tulisannya seperti, menulis tangan, tulisan tangan, tulisan tangannya, tulisan,

Other Mathes:
hand writing, hand written, handwriting all right, handwriting distinctive, handwriting it
it is your handwriting, that is your handwriting, this is your handwriting
handwriting, her handwriting, she has penmanship skills, the handwriting
does the book say, found writings, he thought it said, he was frightened, he wrote them, her handwriting, her writing, his handwriting, his pages, his papers, his treatise
hcw your handwriting, how is your handwriting, the best in town
compare handwriting, compare the handwriting
with handwriting like this, with this handwriting
this handwriting, what handwriting
his english handwriting looks like, his english handwriting resembles
handwriting like this, this handwriting
handwriting like, handwriting
is the same handwriting, the same handwriting
my handwriting yes, my handwriting
here then their handwriting is
is my brother handwriting

English to English

('h/&/nd,r/aI/t/I//N/ )
noun (n)

something written by hand
sesuatu yang ditulis oleh tangan
She recognized his handwriting.
hand, script
source: wordnet30
the activity of writing by hand
aktivitas menulis dengan tangan
Handwriting can be slow and painful for one with arthritis.
source: wordnet30
The cast or form of writing peculiar to each hand or person; chirography.
source: webster1913

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