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kertas, susunatur,

Other Mathes:
or a handout, or the prize, or treat
a favor that is, a favour that is, a handout it is, favour is, of help it
a handout, an intervention, hand of, intercedes the, interference, intervene, intervention, meddling, must meddle, see this through, take a hand
on this handout
on this handout, on this paper, these papers, written on it
my family for a handout
paper this is, some of the paper ones, that slip, these paper, these papers, this handout, this paper that, this paper, this paperwork is, this piece of paper
the lyrics on this handout
ask for a handout, ask for help, asked for help, asking for help, call for aid, call for assistance, call for help, call out for help, called for help, called in a favour, called this in, calling for help, him for help, put your hand out, requesting backup, requests assistance, sought help, to ask for help, were asking for help, would beg for relief
ask for a handout
manuscripts, the script is, these scrolls, this handout, this manuscript
a handout, no more explanations
not exactly be a handout
almsgiving, an alms, appropriation, charity, freewill offering, handout, in charity
for a handout, for an intervention, to interfere, to intervene

English to English

('h/&/nd,/AU/t )
noun (n)

an announcement distributed to members of the press in order to supplement or replace an oral presentation
pengumuman dibagikan kepada anggota pers dalam rangka untuk menggantikan tambahan atau sebuah presentasi oral
source: wordnet30
giving money or food or clothing to a needy person
memberikan uang atau makanan atau pakaian kepada orang miskin
source: wordnet30

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