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berhalusinasi, halusinasi, khayalan,

Other Mathes:
are not hallucinations, are not ion, are not suffering from, is no hallucination, no hallucination, not a hallucination, not hallucinations
a hallucination, are a hallucination, are the hallucinations, aural hallucinations, from hallucinations, hallucination, hallucinations, hallucinogenic, hallucinogens, the hallucinations, the hallucinogens, these hallucinations, your hallucinations are
had to be delusional, hallcinate, hallucinate, hallucinated, hallucinating, hallucination, have hallucinate, have hallucinating, just hallucinate, might get bad, tears it
a hallucination or objective, is a hallucination or objective
a hallucination or, is a hallucination or, what hallucinations
a hallucination and, from delusions and, hallucination and, hallucinations and, these hallucinations and
hallucination about an alien, shared hallucination about an alien
hallucination about, shared hallucination about, these hallucinations about
a hallucination, a hallucinogenic, a shared hallucination
are a fucking hallucination why
are a fucking hallucination
the children are not hallucination
or tumor hallucination
you were in the hallucination

English to English

(h/@/,l/u/s/@/'n/eI//S//@/n )
noun (n)

illusory perception; a common symptom of severe mental disorder
persepsi khayalan; common gejala parah gangguan mental
source: wordnet30
a mistaken or unfounded opinion or idea
yang salah atau tak berdasar pendapat atau ide
His dreams of vast wealth are a hallucination.
source: wordnet30
an object perceived during a hallucinatory episode
objek dirasakan selama hallucinatory episode
He refused to believe that the angel was a hallucination.
source: wordnet30
The act of hallucinating; a wandering of the mind; error; mistake; a blunder.
source: webster1913

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