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kematian, oii, suci,

Other Mathes:
be he glorified from all, exalted be allah above, exalted is he above, glory be to god above, glory be to, hallowed be allah above that, hallowed be allah from that, hallowed be he from that
glory be to allah from, glory be to god above, god be glorified far above, god is too glorious for, god transcends, hallowed be allah above, hallowed be allah from, hallowed be he from, he is free from, high is he above, high is he exalted above
exalted be, glorified be, glory be to, glory to, hallowed be thine, hallowed be, immaculate is, purity is to
in heaven hallowed be thy, in heaven hallowed be
hallowed be thy, hallowed be
glorious is he and, glory be to him and, glory be to him he, glory to him and, god is too glorious and, hallowed be allah and, hallowed be he and, holy is he and, immaculate is he and, praised be he and, purity and
glory be to him, glory to allah, glory to him, god be glorified far, god is too glorious, hallowed be allah, hallowed be he, high is he exalted, high is he, holy is he, immaculate is he
speak regarding this purity is, speak thereof hallowed be, to speak thereof hallowed be
said glory to, said hallowed be, will answer glory be to
hallowed be our name, hallowed be thy name
cleanse, hallowed be our, hallowed be thy
heaven hallowed be thy, heaven hallowed be
a holy place, a sacred place, a shrine, a spiritual place where, a spiritual place, hallowed ground, hallowed walls, holy ground, holy place, in the sanctuary, loudly the inner sanctum
art in heaven hallowed be
glory to him in whose, hallowed be he in whose, immaculate is he in whose

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('h/&/l/oU/d )
adjective satellite (s)

worthy of religious veneration
layak agama pemujaan
Jerusalem's hallowed soil.
source: wordnet30

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