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Hasil Carian: farms

English to Malay


pertanian, peternakan, tanah pertanian,

Other Mathes:
a farm whines, at the farm, at the ranch, back to the ranch, down on the farms of, down on the farms, on a farm, on a station, on farms and then
and server farms, server farms, was server farms
cultivates land, farming, farms to grow, grow crops, grow farms
and farms to grow, and the farms
from honey farms, of honey farms
in on the ranch, into a corral you, into a corral, into the farm, to farm, to farms, to the farm, to the ranch, to the work farm, to their farms, up to the ranch
server farms tell me, was server farms tell me
five farms north of, the five farms north of
five farms, the five farms
factory farms, of factory farms
farms and universities, to farms and universities
agriculture and, agriculturing and, farm and, farmhouse and, farms and, the farm and, to farms and
farms and cities and, farms and cities
cattle station in the, cattle station in, farm in, farm road, farming in, farms in, of farm road, ranch in, ranch up, ranches in, the farms in
that water entire farms

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