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Hasil Carian: fainted

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pengsan, pingsan waktu, pingsan, pula pengsan, telah pengsan, tidak ingatkah semalam,

Other Mathes:
he blacked out, he blacks out, he collapsed, he fainted, he goes down, he is been out, he is conscious now
blacked out in, collapse drunk on, conked out on, faint in, faint on, fainted at, fainted in, fainted on, fallen down in, he collapse on, is out in
i collapsed on, i fainted at, i fainted in
i blacked out and, i blacked out, i collapse any, i collapsed, i faint, i fainted was, i fainted, i just blacked out, i pass out, i passed out, i was out cold
are fainted, is fainted
he is dying, he may have fainted, he stays down
almost fainted, almost passed out, nearly fainted
almost fainted, almost passed out, almost passes out, nearly fainted just, was completely won over, was passed out
is it true you fainted, it true you fainted
infirmary you have been unconscious, you are unconscious, you blacked out, you faint, you fainted just, you fainted, you go into shock, you got knocked out, you have been faint for
then i fainted was, then i fainted, then i just blacked out
black out i, faint i, fainted i, i fainted i
collapsed due to, collapsed due, collapsed from, faint because of, faint because, fainted because of, fainted because, have collapsed from, have the keeper because, knocked out by, passed out from
him he fainted, to him he fainted
that fainted got run over, who fainted got run over

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