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Hasil Carian: fades

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hilang perlahan, memudar, menghilang,

Other Mathes:
fade away, fade, faded away, faded that, faded, fades away, fades then, fades, fading away, fading fast, fading
obstructed view, signai fades, signal fades
fades fades, gonna dry all up, may fade, melt away, shall break, shall fade, will wither, would fade
and then it fades and, and then it fades then
and signai fades, and signal fades
he fades, he is fading, she fades, well she is faded
it fades fades
it fades and you, it fades then you
it fades and, it fades then, it had faded
a memory it fades fades
fades and you gotta get, fades then you have got
fades and you, fades then you
fade into, fade to, fades into, fades to become
then it fades and you, then it fades then you
then it fades and, then it fades then

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