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anda suka bahkan, fakta yang, fakta, hakikat, hakikatnya, kenyataannya, mana pun anda suka bahkan, pun anda suka bahkan, suka bahkan,

Other Mathes:
a fact i, fact that i do, in fact i, ln fact i am, the fact is i am, the fact is i, the fact is l am, the fact is that i, the fact that i m
about the fact that, about the fact, by the fact, for a fact, in facts, to that the fact, to the fact, with actuaries, with evidence, with fact, with facts, with the fact, with the facts
is fact, it is a fact, it is just a fact, it s a fact, lt a fact, that a fact, that is a fact, that is fact
actual fact she, but in fact she, fact she, in actual fact he, in actuality he is, reality he, reality she is, the fact is she, the fact that he, the fact that she is, the truth is he is
fact it is, fact it was, fact it, fact of that, in fact it is a, in fact it is, in truth it is, reality it, the fact was, to us it was, us it was
fact you are, in fact that you, in fact you are, in fact you, in reality you are, infact you, literally you, reality you, really is you, the fact is that you, the fact thatyou did, the reality is you are, the truth is you are, well clearly you, you are in fact
evan i am gonna be, even i am gonna be, even i would, fact i am going to, fact i am gonna, i will even, in fact i il
aye we, contrary we, even we, fact we, in fact we are, in fact we have, in fact we were
fact that i, morell the fact that i, the fact i am, the fact i have, the fact i, the fact that i
the fact that you are, the fact that you got, the fact that you have, the fact that you were, the fact that you, the very fact that you
a fact it is, a fact that is, matter of fact that, of that fact, that fact was, that fact
a fact i, fact i, fact l, fact that i am, fucking fact i, the fact i
a fact well, fact ever, fact, facts that, my facts, particular that, that fact was, the fact that this, the fact that, the facts are, the facts of the
fact you, in fact you were, in fact you, the fact is you, the fact that you, the fact you
a fact, and in fact, in fact, the fact is that, the fact is, the fact, the facts

English to English

(f/&/kt )
noun (n)

a piece of information about circumstances that exist or events that have occurred
sepotong informasi tentang keadaan itu wujud atau kejadian yang telah berlaku
First you must collect all the facts of the case.
source: wordnet30
a statement or assertion of verified information about something that is the case or has happened
pernyataan atau penonjolan dari verified informasi tentang kasus atau sesuatu yang terjadi
He supported his argument with an impressive array of facts.
source: wordnet30
an event known to have happened or something known to have existed
sebuah peristiwa terkenal atau sesuatu terjadi diketahui telah wujud
Your fears have no basis in fact.
How much of the story is fact and how much fiction is hard to tell.
source: wordnet30
a concept whose truth can be proved
konsep yang sebenarnya dapat dibuktikan
Scientific hypotheses are not facts.
source: wordnet30
A doing, making, or preparing.
yang lakukan, membuat, atau menyediakan.
source: webster1913

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