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elit, lebih elit, orang atasan,

Other Mathes:
an elite, are elite, elite fighting, elite let get em, elite of, elite operatives, elite unit, elite, of elite, spec ops, strong elite, the elite of, the elite
an elite team of, an elite team, elite fighting force the, elite force of the, elite soldiers, of the elite, strong elite unit
an elite team of, an elite team, elite team
there an elite team of, there an elite team
are elite let get em, is elite
be an elite unit, to be an elite unit
narrator the saudi elite, the saudi elite
the world elite fighting, the world elite
our elite, our strong elite
gotta keep the club open, it elite it is amazing, it was classy
a group of his people, assembly of his nation, chieftains of his folk, elite of his people, leaders of his people, the chiefs of his people, the chieftains of his people
assembly of, but the assembly of, chieftains of, elders of, elite of, leaders of, the chiefs of, the chieftains of, the council of
elite kgb, of elite kgb
are elite military, elite military, force special
by an elite team of, by an elite team

English to English

(/I/'l/i/t )
noun (n)

a group or class of persons enjoying superior intellectual or social or economic status
sekelompok orang atau kelas atasan menikmati intelektual atau status sosial atau ekonomi
elite group
source: wordnet30

adjective satellite (s)

selected as the best
dipilih sebagai yang terbaik
Elite colleges.
source: wordnet30

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