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bergema, cukup cukup cukup, enough enough enough, halo, mengulangi,

Other Mathes:
echoed once, echoed, echoes, echoey, echoic, echoing, echolng, repeating themselves, resonates, reverberating, was echoing
i need your help echoing
echoing i am yours
echoing i am, i belong in, i belong on, i belong to, i belong with, i belong, then they belong to
alarm was echoing
the alarm was echoing
lars echoing april can have
lars echoing april can
blistering barnacles, boy here we, boy this thing, boy this, christ it is, echoing oh my gosh this, gee this is, good heavens this is, good heavens this, gosh this is, gosh this thing
your help echoing
echoing make love to me, fuckin with me, fucking men
ticking echoing
echoing in our minds
echo through, echoed in, echoes in, echoing in
echoing among the stars

English to English

adjective satellite (s)

(of sounds) repeating by reflection
(dari suara) mengulangi oleh bayangan
A hotel with echoing halls.
source: wordnet30

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