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berdesakan, digali, menggali si, menggali, putting susu tetek,

Other Mathes:
dug one tunnel, dug out with your teeth, dug out, dug up a, dug up, dug, excavated, exhumed, hewn, they dug, tunneled out, unearthed, was dug out, was dug, were unearthed
dug out by himself, dug to, dug would, gotta go hey dug, oh gotta go dug, russell dug
dig it, dig straight down, dig with, digging her out, digging him out, dug her up, dug him up, dug it out, dug it up, dug it, re digging him out
i am digging out, i am digging, i dig, i dug up, i dug, i ferreted out, i have got to unearth
dig and, dig it up and, digging and, digging in and, dug and dug and, dug and, dug around and
dug and dug and, have dug and dug and
all dig, dig dig, dig, drilled, dug out, dug up, dug, go dig, will dig another
dug and dug and dug
are dug in, digging at, digging in, digging it in, digging over, digs at, dug in at, dug in, toil in, were digging at, were digging in
dig the hole, dig up furrows, digging a hole, digging a, digs a hole, dug a hole, dug the, elvlra dig a hole, the holes dug, to dig the hole, with digging the holes
i dug one tunnel, i dug out, i dug
dug and dug and dug
i dug a hole, i dug the, i will dig a hole
i dig it, i dug it out, it was i dug

English to English

(d/@/g )
noun (n)

an udder or breast or teat
sebuah ambing atau atau puting susu payudara
source: wordnet30
A teat, pap, or nipple; -- formerly that of a human mother, now that of a cow or other beast.
satu puting susu, pap, atau puting; - - tadinya itu dari manusia ibu, sekarang bahwa sapi atau binatang lain.
source: webster1913

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