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bataljob state, dibatal, dibatalkan yang sebenarnya ya apa, dibatalkan, membatalkan, orang itu membatalkannya, yang membatalkan,

Other Mathes:
aborted, are canceled, be cancelled
enrollment was successful, export canceled, import canceled
certificate created successfully fingerprint, certification canceled, decryption canceled
has assigned you, has canceled the following assigned, has canceled the following shared
i canceled them, i canceled, i deactivate, i did call it off, i just canceled, i like deactivate
has been canceled, has been revoked, has it been canceled, is canceled
are canceled, are cancelled, been aborted, cancelled, is canceled, was canceled
assigned you a task, canceled a task, canceled the following assigned task
abort, assigned you, call off, cancel, canceled the following assigned, canceled the following shared, canceled, canceling, cancelled
operation canceled, operation cancelled, surgery was canceled, the operation has been canceled, the operation was cancelled, unsupported authentication
copying messages canceled, delete all messages, moving messages canceled, moving messages to trash canceled, quota, ruleset filtered messages
has been aborted, has been canceled, has been cancelled
i better take off, i blew it off, i canceled em, i canceled it, i cancelled it
has it been canceled, what has it been canceled
he canceled it, he canceled

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