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dalam tenang, dengan tenang, dgn tenang, tenang,

Other Mathes:
and relax and, calmly and, calmly calmly and
discuss this calmly and, discuss this calmly calmly and
discuss this calmly calmly, discuss this calmly
will tell me calmly the, will tell me calmly
discuss this calmly, talk calmly
and slow now, and slow, are in and calmly, in and calmly
calmly the, calmly
calmly, in cold, in peace huh, in peace, into the mouthpiece, peacefully, quietly please, quietly, slow now, to calmly, to glory
going to askyou to calmly, you to calmly
let discuss this calmly, we talk calmly
tell me calmly the, tell me calmly
gonna ask you to calmly, to ask you to calmly
it is very very quiet, it quietly, really really quiet, very very calm, very very calmly okay, very very calmly, very very quiet, was perfectly calm
it so peaceful, perfectly calm, really calm, too calm, very calm, very calmly okay, very calmly, very quiet come on, very quiet, very quietly, very relaxed
calmly get in my, calmly get in

English to English

(k/A/ml/i/ )
adverb (r)

with self-possession (especially in times of stress)
dengan self possession (terutama di saat stres)
He spoke calmly to the rioting students.
source: wordnet30
in a sedate manner
dalam cara yang menenangkan
source: wordnet30
In a calm manner.
dalam cara yang tenang.
source: webster1913

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