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kafein, kaffeine,

Other Mathes:
caffeine in it, caffeine, decaf, give her strong coffee decaf, it is decaf, it is decaffeinated, on caffeine, the caffeine
caffeine after, caffeine
caffeine will kill you gasps, caffeine will kill you
caffeine but i, the caffeine but i
caffeine but, the caffeine but
corn syrup caffeine, it is corn syrup caffeine
no caffeine after, no caffeine
there caffeine dealers in metropolis
there caffeine dealers in
there caffeine dealers
more caffeine for you
more caffeine
will be a caffeine kinda
i am right caffeine pills
i could use some caffeine

English to English

(k/&/'f/i/n )
noun (n)

a bitter alkaloid found in coffee and tea that is responsible for their stimulating effects
yang pahit alkaloid ditemukan di kopi dan teh yang bertanggung jawab untuk merangsang kesan mereka
source: wordnet30
A white, bitter, crystallizable substance, obtained from coffee. It is identical with the alkaloid theine from tea leaves, and with guaranine from guarana.
putih, pahit, crystallizable substansi, yang diperolehi daripada kopi. ini sama dengan alkaloid theine aku/ aku dari daun teh, dan dengan aku guaranine/ aku dari guarana.
source: webster1913

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