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kafetaria, kafeteria, kantin, rumah makan,

Other Mathes:
at the coffee shop, at the sock hop, in canteen, in the cafeteria right, in the cafeteria, in the canteen, in the cantina
down at the cafeteria, down in the cafeteria, in the cafeteria, in the fucking cafetaria
cafeteria catholics pfft, cafeteria catholics, talk about cafeteria catholics
cafeteria, talk about cafeteria, the cafeteria, the fucking cafetaria
a cafeteria, cafeteria, the caf, the cafeteria
down to the caf, for the cafeteria, run to the cafeteria
talk about cafeteria catholics pfft, talk about cafeteria catholics
at a cafeteria, at the cafeteria
in the cafeteria, was the cafeteria
at the prison cafeteria, in the prison cafeteria
a mobile cafeteria, mobile cafeteria
a lunchroom, canteen, in the canteen, mess hall, that mess hall, the cafeteria right, the cafeteria, the canteen, the cantina, the sock hop
down to the cafeteria, to the cafeteria, to the okay
to cafeteria, to the cafeteria
for the cafeteria and, run to the cafeteria i, up to canteens

English to English

(,k/&/f/I/'t/i/r/i//@/ )
noun (n)

a restaurant where you serve yourself and pay a cashier
sebuah restoran dimana kau melayani diri dan membayar kasir
source: wordnet30
A restaurant or café at which the patrons serve themselves with food kept at a counter, taking the food to small tables to eat.
restoran atau caf& eacute; di mana pelanggan melayani sendiri dengan makanan diletakkan pada sebuah counter, mengambil makanan kepada kecil di meja makan.
source: webster1913

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