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diterima, harus menerima itu, kumaafkan, makbul, menerima, mengakui yang, mu diterima,

Other Mathes:
accepted by, accepted in, accepted into, accepted to the, accepted to, admissible in, admitted to the, are welcome in, be accepted in, be received at, be welcomed into, been accepted at, copy at, get a job in, get admission in, got accepted at, got accepted into, got accepted to, home welcome this, is welcome in, option in, received in, to get a job in, unwelcome in, was accepted in, was accepted to, welcome at, welcome in, welcomed neither in
accepted from you indeed, accepted from you lo, accepted from you verily, accepted of you verily, be accepted from you indeed, be accepted from you surely
accepted from him, accepted from it, accepted from, accepted of him, be accepted from him, be accepted of him, taken from it
acceptance of, accepted by, accepted into
are accepted, been accepted, had been accepted, has been accepted, has been received, have been accepted, have been admitted to, have been hired, was received, would been accepted
be accepted from him, be accepted from, be accepted of him, shall be accepted from it, will be accepted from
be accepted, be acceptin cap n, shall be accepted, shall be welcome, to get winged, will be accepted, will be received, will be welcome, will get hired, will it be accepted, will one, would be accepted, would be received, would suffice
i accepted, i am hired, i belong, i booked it, i get the job, i got accepted, i have been accepted to, i have been accepted, i said yes the coffee, i was accepted
accepted from him and, accepted from him, accepted of him and, be accepted from him and, be accepted of him and
is not tolerated, never be accepted, never will it be accepted
it will never be accepted, not be accepted, will never be accepted, will not be accepted, would not be accepted
did i take up, i accept i do, i accept it, i accepted it impulsively, i accepted it, i accepted, i am accepting them
you accepted the fact, you have accepted reality, you have accepted the reality, you would have accepted
he accepted, he being accepted, she is accepted, she is hired, she was accepted, she was hired
accepted from you, accepted of you, be accepted from you you, be accepted from you

English to English

(/&/k's/E/pt/I/d )
adjective satellite (s)

generally approved or compelling recognition
umumnya disetujui atau menarik pengiktirafan
Several accepted techniques for treating the condition.
source: wordnet30

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