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abby ini, hanya abby, kau pasti menyukainya, l am marvin, sungguh abby, yang abby,

Other Mathes:
alright alright you, be fine abby, be fine baby
me and my daughter abby, me and my daughter, my daughter and i
abby i am not ugly, i am not ugly
you tell me where abby, you tell me where she
hey abby, what is that over there
abby wait what now, what happened now, what is it now, what now, whats now again
abby kitten in heaven, are you the father, were you her daddy
aii right i am sorry, all right i am sorry, oh abby, ok i am sorry, okay okay i am sorry
be there ti the, be there ti, be there till the, be there till, with us abby, with us for
chadway abby he is, chadway and he is
chadway abby, chadway and
chadway abby, chadway replacements, man chadway
and i am daughter, and little girl, and my daughter abby, and my daughter
abby listen to your mom, listen to your mom, listen to your mother, you listen to your mum
abby come on, boy over here come on, here c mon, here come on, it here come on, over here come on

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